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How To Perform a Davis
ISS Hard Restart

ISS Restart Procedure for All Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Stations

If you have already performed a standard restart of your indoor control console and you are still not receiving outdoor weather data, you may need to perform a hard restart of your Davis Weather Station's outdoor integrated sensor suite.

In some instances, you may be getting data, but you know it is wrong. Examples of this include but are not necessarily limited to:
  • It's snowing outside with a temperature of 85 degrees F
  • It's raining outside with an outdoor humidity of 15%
  • It's night time and you are getting a UV or Solar Radiation reading
While their can be sensor failures that cause these same symptoms of a weather station failure, the only way in which you can eliminate the control board in the outdoor sensor suite is to perform a hard restart. After the hard restart, if all data or most data is corrupted, it is probably the board. Generally, a hard restart will isolate the problem sensor as all other data reports normal again. Troubleshooting is NOT a perfect science. Patience is urgently needed! Write down the procedures you followed and specifically maintain a clear record of the chronology of your actions. This will help us greatly if you finally need to contact us to help resolve your issue.

When you call, please have your order number available. Hopefully, once you have followed the procedure below, you will not need to call us!

Restart the outdoor sensor suite as follows:
  1. Download all information from your data logger to your computer.
  2. Remove all power from your indoor console.
  3. Remove your console's back up batteries.
  4. Remove the AC Adapter and take the AC Adapter with you to your outdoor ISS unit.
  5. Slide up slightly and remove the solar panel carefully. Disconnect its cable from the ISS and set it aside.
  6. Remove the 3v backup battery.
  7. Move Test Switch 4 to the UP position.
  8. Just above the empty battery bay is the female receptacle for the AC Adapter Plug. Insert the plug of your AC adapter. It may not seat all the way. That's normal. Do not force it further in that it wants to go! DO NOT PLUG THE ADAPTER INTO AC POWER. The purpose of this step is to drain all power from the system. The red light MUST GO OFF. NO GREEN LIGHT MAY APPEAR. When the unit is successfully powered down completely, NO LIGHT WILL APPEAR WHATSOEVER.
  9. Shortly, the red light on the motherboard will stop flashing. Your ISS is now powered down.
  10. Wait 2 minutes. Then, insert the 3v backup battery.
  11. Remove the AC plug from the board.
  12. Move Test Switch 4 back to its original DOWN position..
  13. Re-connect the solar panel and re-set the solar panel in its rightful position on the ISS.
  14. Take your AC Adapter back to your indoor console.
  15. Plug in the AC Adapter (to your console and your in-wall power using a travel adapter if you are outside the USA or Canada). Only plug into a 110v power source.
  16. Re-install your back up batteries.
  17. Re-initialize your station set up; recalibrate your barometer, re-set your latitude and longitude, clock, etc.
It is not unusual for sensor polling to take quite some time. Do not evaluate connectivity or data for at least 2 hours. We'd prefer waiting to evaluate overnight.

This should re-set your entire system and it should function normally after this. If not, let us know.
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